Friday, June 18, 2010

Amelia's Wardrobe

One of my newest hobbies is to buy clothes for Amelia that will be born in October. I have had so much fun doing this. I won't buy anything unless it is on sale or very reasonable. I seem to have a fettish for baby shoes. They didn't have such cute shoes when my children were babies. I just can't figure out the sizes. I don't know if the shoes I've bought will match the outfit when she can wear it. Oh well, they are just so cute! Thomas and Allen say "cute" is the adjective we use to describe everything we buy Amelia. I have to agree with them.

Yesterday I went shopping for material with my friend Eunice. She is teaching me to smock. I have learned two stitches and we are designing Ameilia's coming home from the hospital outfit. It is hard to find smocking material. It's even harder to find newborn patterns to sew. I am going to make a bishop dress. I don't know what I'm going to smock, but Eunice has suggested a smocking pattern called Jennifer. The material I found is pink, light green, and a microcheck red and white gingham. These are 3 different pieces of material.
I'm still debating about whether or not to buy a monogramming machine. I am spending about $30 a week on monogramming. I found a Brother machine for $549 at the Singer store in Macon. They offer free lessons on the machines they sell. I'm thinking this could be a good money maker for me while I am keeping Amelia. My family jokes that I monogram everything. I would if I owned a machine!


  1. This baby is going to be known as Emelda before she can walk!!! Glad you are having so much fun with your incipient grandparentship! OK, I think I made that word up but you know what I mean! Hah!

  2. I have smocked once. Loved it. I can't wait to see all your creations.

    I would SO invest in the monogram machine. I want one so very badly.

    I'm glad you started blogging. You are going to love it! You should get Aunt C to start a blog as well.